Foto Loci

“How do you trace your life?”

A timeline? A couple of places you have lived in and traveled to? A dozen of vital moment slices?

After moving home from notebooks to digital notes and photos, I started to frame a good way to trace all the journeys, events, moments and other serendipities.

There could be so many traces in our life, a daily commute route, a hiking excursion, an overseas voyage, or residence experience to another state...

You may also have walked through all the clear mornings, scorching afternoons, dim nightfalls in different cities...

Here comes the initial fascination of Foto Loci: Why not combine all these dimensions?

This is a mobile application by which you could pass through the rainy and dry seasons in the tropical city you've lived in, as well as cut across the spring blossom in different climate zones and cultural districts you've been to.

The 1.0 version has just launched! Click to try it right now!

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FotoLoci provides an easy way to check through all your step prints as well as timelines. It is always easy to quickly browse your life tracks in Map Mode or Time Mode.

You could also write notes under each photo.

In the free version, the imported photos are permanently unlimited. And they are private.

Premium Features:

Enjoy the premium app with unlimited albums and without ads!

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